The Reparto Dream Team

We are a dynamic team of students from TU Munich. During a project within the hackathon “Digital Seeds 2022 by Huawei” we came together as a team. Our visions matched immediately and we decided to bring Reparto to life. Learn more about us here!

Dmitry Burlakov
Strategy & Finance
2-time founder in the field of B2B software and platform with successful exit
Lukas Kirchhefer
Operations & Sales
5 product launches strategically prepared and executed
Benedikt Hartmann
5 years experience in 3D printing with +25.000 printed parts
Daniela Gilch
Product &  Marketing
Design and conception of more than 4 prototypes, coach of 3 start-ups

Advisors and Supporters

Dr. Sascha Schwarz
Head of Operations @ TUM VentureLabs Additive Manufacturing

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